Hidden gems of Ilia

The Neda, Greece’s only ‘female’ river
The Neda River has sculpted the beautiful landscape between the peaks of Mt Tetrazio to Kyparissia Bay. From its source on Mount Lykaion, the river (the only one in Greek to take the female article) meanders through steep ravines, cool plateaus, lush gorges and dark caves, passing under stone bridges and cascading over cliffs to reach the sea 32km away.


The sturdy oaks of Foloi
On the plateau of Foloi, which the locals have dubbed “the balcony of Ilia” (owing to its panoramic view), you can find one of the rarest and largest oak tree forests, now incorporated into the Natura 2000 network. Lose yourself in the magic of the forest, gazing up at the defiant oaks, so colossal that they seem to touch the sky. In contrast to some of the surrounding areas, it is relatively flat and so an open invitation to hikers to take to its gorgeous trails.


Careful not to disturb the sea turtles!
The second-most important nesting ground for the Caretta Caretta sea turtle, after Zakynthos, is the beach of Kalo Nero at the mouth of the Neda River. You can learn more about this endangered and emblematic animal at the information centres at Kalo Nero and at Elea.


Ready for some trekking?
The Neda River never fails to take the breath away as you hike down it in the summer or early autumn. You can begin your exciting trek at the village of Petra.


Source: https://www.discovergreece.com/